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Interested in that $5 credit, are ya? No problem, we’re happy to give it to you. Just fill out your name and email below. Give us your name at the bar on Saturday and you’ll be able to use your $5 credit toward food or drink at the Bill Monroe Appreciation Night.

Cutoff time for registering is 6:00 pm CST on Saturday, December 2, 2017

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All promotions exclude the free distribution of alcohol, as per the Tennessee Alchohol Beverage Commission. Promotions are only valid for the show in the promotion and will not be honored at other events. By providing your email, you give us permission to add you to the recipient list for The Station Inn Picker, our monthly newsletter about the happenings and events at The Station Inn. But don’t worry, we will never sell your information to anyone. It’s only for internal use. This credit is only applicable for the person named, and cannot be used for other fans. The name in the contact form must match your real name (or a variant of your real name) to be applicable for the credit. Obviously, you can only use one. Multiple submissions may result in your credit being removed. Don’t be that guy. 🙂

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