Doyle & Debbie


Whine Whine Twang Twang

Comedian Ron White says… “I laughed so hard I thought I was going to throw up. And I don’t laugh very easily… I’m very critical. But ‘Doyle and Debbie’ is so funny it’s worth getting on a plane to see.

The Station Inn is excited to announce that the Doyle & Debbie Show will once again take the stage every Tuesday of each month (EXCEPT THE THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH) beginning on June 3,2014 (see the June calendar).

Complete Information on these shows can be received by calling Doyle & Debbie Productions Information Line at 615-999-9244.

Please do not call the Station Inn number as it will only direct you to Doyle & Debbie Productions Information Line, and, once again, the number 615-999-9244.

The Doyle & Debbie Show
The Doyle and Debbie Show is sublime parody, simultaneously lampooning and idolizing country music’s tradition of iconic duos and their subsequent battle of the sexes. Bruce Arntson and Jenny Littleton wield the vocals of vintage country stars and the acting chops of Broadway veterans, taking audiences on a freewheeling joyride through a wickedly funny script and slew of equally hilarious original songs. Over the past three years, Doyle and Debbie have developed a rabid cult following in Nashville, many of whom have seen the show over a dozen times—everyone from theater-going professionals to college students who wouldn’t be caught dead in a theater or a country bar.

…a gloriously tacky send-up of a washed-up country duo.” – The New York Times

Brilliant”. “The last time I laughed anywhere close to this hard was at “The Book of Mormon.” “…hilarious. Drop-dead funny.” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

dd_blue_300 “90 minutes of goofy perfection — clever, hilarious, wacky and brilliantly performed…” -Chicago Sun-Times

Bruce Arntson and Jenny Littleton are nothing short of fabulous.” – Chicago Reader

…hilarious piece of low-brow inspiration turned into high entertainment.” – Nashville Scene

The Doyle and Debbie Show is a brilliant musical revue that should be seen more than once.” – The Tennessean

It is akin to George and Tammy doing a night at the Grand Ol’ Opry – only on mescaline.” – Austin Onstage

It’s hilarious in the manner of Spinal Tap’s tour in the mockumentary and just as spot-on in satirizing a musical genre’s styles and sensibilities (or lack thereof).“- Austin Chronicle

Bruce Arntson (Doyle), who wrote or co-wrote the songs, and Jenny Littleton (Debbie) inhabit their characters with near-creepy perfection.” – Austin American-Statesman

Littleton has a terrific voice that can evoke everyone from Patsy Cline to Dolly Parton.” – The City Paper

Littleton and Arntson have breathtaking singing and acting talents.” – The Tennessean

Arntson appears here with train-wreck curiosity, wondering just how deeply he’ll dare to venture into his psychological black hole.” – Nashville Scene

Littleton is talented as usual, using her coyly flexible voice to solid comic effect even when she’s singing things straight-ahead. Arntson is often flat-out brilliant, inhabiting his frighteningly lifelike character with a passion and intensity worthy of the country entertainers he lampoons. His tongue-twisting delivery of the show’s closing number is masterful.”  – Nashville Scene

In its raising of lowbrow Southern culture to the level of something approaching art, “Doyle and Debbie” can be enjoyed on more than one level, but the songs put it way over the top. In a good way.” – Austin American Statesman

The Doyle & Debbie Show is like Spinal Tap with a twang, and it manages to tweak and tickle without ever denigrating country music.” – Peter Cooper – The Tennessean

A great script, supremely clever songs and two extraordinarily talented performers make this show worth seeing again and again.” – The Tennessean

It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!” – David Auburn, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning author of “Proof”.

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