Site Credits

Credit Where Credit’s Due

We have some great images on this new site.  We want to acknowledge some very special people and their ability to capture a moment with a camera.  It’s simply not possible to have a good website without really great images. So, we want to say a very special thanks to:

Chris Wage– The centerpiece of this website header is an image of the Nashville skyline at dusk. I’ve seen images that come close, but none as amazing at this.  Link coming soon to check out other works by this great photographer.

Jim Horner– We have a number of images from Jim, including the sign in the left header and interior shots of the Station Inn. It takes a high level of skill to capture the brightness of a sign against the night sky as well as, the ambiance of a nightclub interior. Jim does just that with flare.  We thank you.

Ramcey Photography– The delightful shot of Terry Eldridge and Dierks Bentley on mic with the strings of clear bulbs overhead showcases the festiveness of the Station Inn. Thank you.

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