For four years, Station Inn fans have flocked to the online-only deals offered at the beginning of December for the best bluegrass gear around. And why wouldn’t they? Shirts and caps for 50% off, yes please! Some things might be a little confusing, so we’ve made this simple list of commonly asked questions to hopefully help save you some time and get you an easy answer to your question.


My free item is still showing a charge in the shopping cart.

The first thing to do here is make sure you have applied the code. By clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top menu, you will see a place that says “Have a Promotional Code?” Use the code there and click Apply Coupon. If the coupon is valid, the discount should be immediately applied. You should also make sure that the item is in your shopping cart. You will see a price of $0.00 after the code is applied. If the code still is not applying, you might be trying to use more than one code per transaction.


When will my items ship?

The Station Inn staff is all hands on deck during the 12 Days of Christmas sale. Why? Because we do more than 900% more orders than during the year. We all meet every few days for packing parties during the sale, and do what we can during shows. And no matter what, we get the last packages to the USPS before their “Christmas guaranteed delivery” date of December 20, 2019. We can’t say exactly what date your order will ship, but it will be within 1-3 days of placing your order, during this sale.


The coupon code isn’t working.

First, check that the spelling and code is exactly correct (no extra spaces, periods, etc.) Then check the date. All 12 codes are valid for each day of the 12 days campaign. There is only one code permitted per order, but the code will apply to all eligible items in your cart (for example, percentage off a tee will apply, even if there are 4 tees in your cart.) If you have to meet a certain cash amount in your cart, be sure that the amount is your pre-tax and shipping total for the code to apply.


I can’t find the sale for today.

No problem. During the 12 Days of Christmas Sale (December 6-17, 2019) we post the code at 7am, Central Standard Time, on the Station Inn website, Facebook page, and via an email announcement. Please check those locations for your daily deal.