The Station Inn is a live music venue in the heart of Nashville, TN, an area referred to as the Gulch. For more than 40 years, The Station Inn has brought great bluegrass, roots and Americana music to millions of fans across the globe. Many of the world’s most successful musicians have played at The Station Inn, including Bill Monroe, JT Gray, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and John Prine. The venue has been around for a long time, and plans to be around for many generations, with a goal to bring great music and great fun to Nashville and the rest of the world.

The Station Inn is located at 402 12th Avenue South in the heart of the Gulch of Nashville.

See more about location and directions here (

For evening events, the doors open at 7pm. For all other events, the doors will open one hour prior to scheduled show time.

The Station Inn keeps a calendar online ( which has the most updated information about all upcoming Station Inn events. If you prefer printed material, there is also a calendar in the club for free that you can take home with you.
The price for tickets of different shows vary greatly. You can see the price for each show at the door, or on the online calendar (
Please remember that you must use cash at the door. There is an ATM right outside if you need one. Food and drink are cash or credit.

All tickets for Station Inn shows are first come, first serve based on availability. There are rare occasions where pre-order tickets are available, and those events are specified in the calendar.

There is limited parking available right behind the building that fills up quickly before the show begins. More information about parking in the Gulch can be found here.

Absolutely! We send out the newsletter once a month to inform you about who is playing at The Station Inn and what else has been going on. Would you like to register? Click this link to sign up.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside The Station Inn. This allows us to offer the best environment for any fan to hear great music. If you would like to smoke, you are able to step outside.

That’s great! We’re always looking for great content about bluegrass, Nashville, The Station Inn and musicians. If you have content that you would like to submit for our channels (website, social media, newsletter, etc) please fill out the media form located here:

This is not a problem! We do offer written permission to many who asks for it. Logos, content and acceptable material are available at You can request permission to post by filling out the contact form at
Yes, we will ship orders outside the US. We just ask that you pay for the additional shipping required. Please Contact Us to request a special quote for your order.
Yes, you can. Depending on existing availability, The Station Inn makes the facility available from time to time for:
Video Shoots
Photo Shoots
Video or Audio Interviews
Band Rehearsals
Record Releases
Music Industry Functions
Business Luncheons
Off-site Meetings
Corporate & Organizational Meetings
Fan Club Events
Whatever Else You Have In Mind (Contact Us)
You’re welcome to arrange for your own catering, if desired.
Please fill out the contact form for inquiries into arrangements and fees.
We get a lot of inquiries from performers, managers and agents interested in playing the Station Inn. We appreciate the high level of interest in our club. While we would like to see everyone have an opportunity to play here, please consider a number of criteria before sending your submission.
1.The performer, manager, or agent should be able to demonstrate by way of submitted materials, an act or show that is professional in nature and will prove to be entertaining to an audience.
2.The performer, manager, or agent should have some level of local (to the Nashville area), regional or national recognition or acclaim for the act submitted. In other words, folks know about you and would show up to see the show if you were here.
3.The performer, manager, or agent should be able to demonstrate an email list, snail mail list, blog or other means of mobilizing their fan base in support of their performance here.
4.The performer, manager, or agent should be able to demonstrate a means and desire to mobilize media outlets (newspaper, periodicals, radio, etc) by way of press release, interviews or whatever means available to let the public and their fan base know they will be playing here.
Our advertising and publicity put people in the seats. We are most interested in Artists and Entertainers that can do the same and assure a successful turnout.

Yes, all minors are admitted to The Station Inn with an adult chaperone. The chaperone is responsible for good behavior. But kids will be kids. If your little tyke is making adorable noises that might not fit with the music being performed, we ask that you take them outside so that they can get it all out, then come right back in.

Yes, the venue is completely handicap accessible. We have a ramp to get in at the front door and the rest of the venue is on a single floor. So come on down! We’d love to have you.

Of course! The bar opens with the door (two hours before show time) and serves pizza, nachos, chips and salsa, pimento cheese, hot dogs, and many other yummy snacks that you’ll recognize if you are a real southerner. We also serve beer (Yazoo is our local favorite), coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Getting in touch with someone at The Station Inn is simple. You can fill out the contact form on the menu bar above (select the appropriate form for what you would like to ask about.)
We also respond quickly to requests from the Facebook page (
If you prefer though, you can call us at 615-255-3307 or visit during club hours: 7pm to midnight daily. Check the calendar for more specific times on the day you would like to visit.
The doors open at 7pm, which is when and where tickets are available for purchase. The doors are open during the performance and we like to close up and go home pretty soon after the show is over.
To check the schedule for our hours on a particular day, please visit the calendar (

At the door, we only accept cash. However, at the bar (food, drink, merchandise) we accept all major credit cards, cash and sometimes hugs. Online, we accept all major credit cards and sometimes payments made through PayPal. This applies only to merchandise orders and additional services which are offered from time to time, but does not apply to tickets at the club. Under very special circumstances, we will accept check or money order. Better to ask first if you have doubts.

Well, let’s see. All tickets are first come, first serve. It’s okay to chat with your friends (new and old), but please be respectful of the people around you. If they are mean-glaring, take it as a hint and turn it down.
Seating, just like tickets, is first come, first serve. Only the guy who owns the place has the right to reserve tables. The venue is intimate and we like it that way, seating around 200. If we sell out, and we often do, we will offer more seating at the intermission around 10:15 pm if seats have become available.
We are always trying to get the best acts on stage. If you know of someone, have them fill out the booking request form on the website.
Bar wise, we have pizza, hot dogs, nachos, Daddy Bob’s pimento (it’s amazing), Goo Goo Clusters, Moon Pies, popcorn and other food. Drink wise, we’ve got your standard soft drinks, as well as Yazoo beer, a few other drafts and a gaggle of different long necks. Sometimes the line gets pretty long. Sorry about that. So be patient and have a look at the merchandise while you wait.
The bluegrass jam is one of those things that really needs to be experienced. It’s a classic picking circle (all musicians sit in the round and play together) with anyone who wants to observe sitting outside the circle. Bluegrass instruments only (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, bass, etc) are allowed at the jam. The bar is open and the atmosphere is about as relaxed as can be. There are no skill requirements and you may be picking with living legends. There’s no telling who may show up.
It’s free because it’s so much fun that we want anyone to come who feels like coming.
The Jam Class (different from the Bluegrass Jam on Sunday nights) is a great opportunity for that closet picker who really wants to learn more about Bluegrass. Basic playing skills are helpful. You’ll learn some of the classic tunes and hone your craft with a professional instructor in a relaxed group setting.
You can find more information by clicking the “Jam Class” link at the menu on the top of the page.
ABSOLUTELY. The Station Inn was founded in 1974 by a group of six pickers who wanted a great place in Nashville to get together. It was originally a coffee shop style setting near Centennial Park. Students from Vanderbilt would often come by and do their homework while listening to bluegrass music. In 1981, JT Gray bought the club and moved it to it’s current location at 402 12th Avenue South in the Gulch. Back then, the Gulch was one of the more dangerous areas of the city, but it didn’t stop anyone from coming out.
In time many celebrities have played and visited The Station Inn….read more. (

Fans are able to get Station Inn merchandise from only two places: in the club and online in the merchandise shop. Interested in shopping? Visit the store at